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Money Matters

by dprichmond77

Money. We complain about it, worry over it, and try our best to keep it. In today’s less than stable economy it’s easy to get distracted by money matters.  In fact, sometimes we get so focused on our money, or lack of it, that we lose focus on God. Enter Jesus. Did you know Jesus […]

We All Need Something Better

by dprichmond77

Looking for something better? Better than this world? Better than empty religion? Better than trying to be good enough? Give Jesus a try.  Jesus is better than all these things and so much more.  Starting February 24th, Dave will unpack the book of Hebrews and we will discover at just how much better Jesus is […]

Who Are We?

by dprichmond77

First, a Bit of History Cool Springs Christian Church is one of the oldest churches in Virginia.  Founded in 1775 in the rolling hills of Lunenburg County, Cool Springs has long been a beacon of light to her community.  In the late 19th century, through the preaching of men like Alexander Campbell, Cool Springs affiliated […]